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These are some of my more common services provided, but if you like what I am about -  get in touch and we can discuss other ways I can help you!


My workshops are highly interactive and mix theory with practice. I strive to create both instant change, but also give tools to create long lasting healthy habits. 

Tech-Life Balance

We unravel how digital technology actually is affecting us in a variety of ways, and share tools to improve our mental and physical health, lower stress, become more productive. 

Personal Sustainability

I lead you through a process of understanding what takes and gives you energy, and we build habits to promote long term wellbeing, or Personal Sustainability. This workshop fits well in with the agenda for organisations working with UN´s sustainability goals.  


This workshop is dedicated to increasing your productivity and focus. We look at the top distractions both when working from home and office, and how we can manage these.  

We engaged Taino and Sohail to run one of our quarterly development sessions for our people leaders. The two delivered a highly-engaging workshop covering a wide range of topics related to digital wellbeing, packed with interactive elements that created ensured actual action came from the session. As a facilitator and presenter Taino is easy to follow, relaxed and personable.

The group of around 100 leaders saw real change in their behaviour from the session, and feedback with extremely positive.

We are happy to recommend other organisations to engage Taino for organisational development and learning to increase both wellbeing and focus in a digital age.

Lee-Anne Durling, People & Culture Manager, AIA New Zealand



No matter if we are online or face-to-face I always strive to engage the audience. I carefully plan the speaking engagements with you to get create as much value for the audience as possible. 


Examples of topics: 

- An overview of Digital Wellbeing

- How to focus in a digital age

- Mental health and digital tech

- Balancing collaboration with protected focus

- An introduction to Personal Sustainability

We recently asked Taino to speak at one of our monthly 'Rāngai' huis (our wellbeing collective meetings) to the kaupapa (theme) 'finding digital balance while maintaining/developing real human connection'. This is such a poignant topic and could not have landed better! The covid world we are living in has forced a more digital approach within workplaces and in our personal lives, which of course comes with pros and cons. Taino had the whole audience fully engaged, and he really connected with us. He has the perfect balance of charm, knowledge, and audience interaction. Taino is clearly super passionate about helping our generation stop the mindless use of devices, reconnect with the people around us, and when we use technology (which of course we need to and has significant value when used appropriately) to be more intentional with how we do so. What an awesome presenter!

Tim Mehrtens, Director of Workplace Wellbeing at My Everyday Wellbeing



I have had the opportunity to consult a large number organizations in a wide range of sectors such as logistics, education, health care, retail, marketing and more. An example of consulting can be implementing a digital wellbeing strategy. Please get in touch to discuss how I can help you. 

I am very pleased to recommend Taino. We worked to deliver RPA solution for Zespri. Taino has a "can do" attitude and made it easy for us to both conceptualise and deliver an exciting solution to a long recognized pain point for our business. Taino is a skilled professional, pro-active in his interactions, really working to understand our requirements whilst also helping us to discover any additional value add opportunities long the way. As our key contact, Taino seamlessly liaised with his technical team to deliver each of the project stages. I sincerely recommend Taino, as an asset to any team, motivated to deliver REAL value to business and a pleasure to work with along the way.

Libby McLean, Supply Chain Subject Matter Expert, Zespri

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